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My core values for building solid personal and business relationships are: Honesty is appreciated, Trust is gained and Loyalty is returned.


IT Operations


Trying to be the most practical dad and husband on earth, convince others to smile and believe that less things equal less disappointments.

Life just got a bit more interesting since being introduced to parenthood.


I was tasked with the bath-bed time routine and in-between brushing teeth, nappy exchange, soft soaping, body lotion and dressing our baby I found that by being practical will allow more time with baby before bedtime.


One of my biggest frustrations was lining up the baby grow clips. After some changes and options, a simple hack to replace the clips with magnets was introduced. Replacing the clips with magnets is practical, safe and simple. Our samples were passed on to friends and after so much positive feedback we decided to start producing the them on a bigger scale.


Our main focus is to enhance the experience of first-time parents by creating an innovative and hassle-free approach when it comes to dressing your child. Each order is met with the same attention to quality and detail, where every effort is made to deliver a hands-on service.


We are confident that EENDJIEBYTER will add to the joys of parenthood.


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